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Portret prezesa i właściciela DC Software Andrzeja Kurka

Andrzej Kurek

CEO of DC Software and a graduate of the Politechnika Lubelska

In his over 25-year professional career, he has taken part in and coordinated about 50 IT projects related to supporting business and organizational processes of companies from various industries.

Business and technological advisor for medical companies. He worked with companies such as Mabion, Sensilab, Biomed Lublin, PhageAI or Petnovell.

Since 2015, he has been the vice-president of the Lublin Foundation for Cancer Patients ``Jestem na Tak``. Her activities are focused on helping and educating the field of oncology.

In his work he combines experience in modern technologies in health care, the needs of medical staff and knowledge of patients' problems, which he learned while being a tutor of a person participating in the Clinical Research process.

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